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 I am an artist, and have been all my life. I remember drawing when I was 5 years old, and I haven’t stopped since. I have always created and painted, and love to draw and squiggle/doodle. If there is a scrap of paper I will draw faces, animals, landscapes, anything that takes my fancy. I was completely focused on art at school, and no one was surprised when I went to college to study for 3 years in Graphics and Design and got my degree. I learnt so much on the course. There were so many different techniques - printing, photography, design and media, which I just loved. While having to work full time in an environment quite different to my passion, I kept art going in my spare time. I did a lot of commission work, mainly portraits of pets and children, joined an art society and exhibited in different galleries, hoping that the time would come when I could take it up full time, which I have finally achieved. I love what I do because I get to do all the things I want to do, producing all kinds of art, from my pop art sculptures, to my fun squiggling/doodling technique where I squiggle/doodle on a canvas, create a picture from it and then colour it in. I have great fun showing my work at all sorts of events and I get to meet so many interesting and lovely people. My business is all about fun with art. I have 2 passions – producing the art I love, and getting people of all ages to appreciate and have fun with art too. I love my squiggles/doodles on canvas, my pop art sculptures, my serene ladies and my purrfectly cat series and I love it when others love them too. Gill
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